“Tell me, Tessa. Say the words.”

She moans, looking up to me, locking her eyes with mine. “I need you, Sean. I want you. Only you.”

I lean down and suck her nipple into my mouth, loving the sound of my name on her lips. She’s wound tight with need, and when I graze my teeth across her nipple, it’s enough to send her over the edge.

Her cunt pulses around me, and I feel her womb opening up for me. I hold her still as I sit up and thrust deeply, adjusting my angle. I want to be right against her cervix. I’ll breed her before this weekend is over. I have to.

I won’t take any chances of her trying to get away from me, and binding her to me is the only way to ensure it. I want her bred to make her mine.

Feeling my orgasm draw up from my balls and out of my shaft, I pump her full of my seed, her fertile body welcoming me.

We are both gasping for air as we come down from our high, my jeans still around my ass and her dress bunched around her waist.

I kiss her lips softly as I cup her face with gentle hands. I brush her cheeks with my thumbs as she smiles at me.

“I had a wonderful day, Sean. Thank you.”

“What did I say about that?” I warn, raising an eyebrow.

She kisses my lips and whispers against them. “I’m yours.”

My cock throbs inside her, and I reach around her body, scooping her up and carrying her down the hall. Each step causes my cock to drive deeper inside her, and our combined cum leaks between us.

When I get to the edge of the bed, I grab a pillow and position it in the middle of the mattress. I keep us connected as I lay her back, placing the pillow behind her hips so they’re tilted up. I want my cum to stay inside her, and this way it won’t run out.

I can take her like this, or turn her over and take her from behind, her hips still in the perfect position to be bred.

I pull her dress up and over her head. I want her completely naked under me and looking into my eyes as I fuck her.

I don’t pull out of her as I kick off my boots and jeans. My motions only make her clench around me, loving our connection.

“I need you again,” I growl, thrusting fully into her now. I cage her small body under mine, her hips raised exactly right for breeding. I feel animalistic as I fight into her tight channel, her cunt squeezing me deliciously.

She’s slippery from some of my cum leaking out, and my cock glides smoothly into her. I grab her ankles and put them on my shoulders, holding her calves while I thrust in and out of her.

Tessa’s arms go up behind her, grabbing the headboard as I drive into her. “Sean,” she moans, raising her hips off the pillow, trying to take me deeper.

“That’s it, little fox. Say my name loud. I want to hear the only name you’ll ever moan. You belong to me, Tessa.”

“Yes, Sean. Please.” Her words beg me as she tries to squeeze her legs together to find some relief. But I keep her ankles on my shoulders and pound into her, keeping her on edge.

“More, Tessa. Tell me just how much you love me inside you. Tell me you’ll never leave me. Say that you’ll always want me.”

“Always.” She’s panting. She’s only a breath away from cumming.

“Promise me, Tessa. Promise me you’ll always want me.”

Looking into my eyes, she nods her head and gives me what I want. “Forever.”

I reach down and rub her hard clit, giving her the pressure she wants and sending her over the edge. I thrust in hard one last time, wanting to cum at the same time, emptying into her once again. I don’t pull out as I cum, knowing full well that this could be the time I get her pregnant.

Thinking about it, and knowing what she promised me, makes more cum leak from my cock. I may use it against her in the very near future, but I’ll do what I have to in order to keep her. I’ll play dirty if it means never losing her.

Letting her limp legs down off my shoulders, I lean over her body and kiss her lips tenderly. “I had the best day with you, baby.”

Her lips smile against mine as she sleepily wraps her arms around me. “I did, too. It was absolutely perfect.”

Tessa yawns, and her eyes start to blink slowly with sleep. I kiss her forehead as I pull out of her, but I don’t move her hips off the pillow.

“Stay here, baby. I’ll clean you up.” I rise from the bed and get a warm washcloth and return to where she’s lying. She’s already half asleep, her hips still raised, not having moved an inch.

Her legs are still slightly open, and I can see that not much of my cum has slipped out. Perfect. I wipe away some stickiness on her thighs and lips but mostly leave my cum alone.

I go back to the bathroom and toss the cloth in the hamper. By the time I get back to the bed, she’s completely out. I retrieve the sheet and place it over her, still not moving her off the pillow.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I watch her for a while, just looking at her and stroking her lightly as she sleeps.

I feel a little guilt at what I’m going to do, but I know it’s for the best. There’s no other way to get what I want from her, and I know that I can make it work. It has to.

After a while, I find that I’m tired, too, so I slip under the covers with her and pull her to me. I hold her naked body against mine as I kiss her forehead, and I fall asleep dreaming of Tessa and our future.

Chapter 15


I sit between Sean’s legs, his back against the headboard and my back to his bare chest. We’ve lain in bed all day, and the sun is finally starting to set. I know I need to go home and get stuff ready for work tomorrow, but I dread leaving. I want to wake up in his arms every morning like I’ve done for the past two days.