“Yeah. I think you’ll like it.” Sean makes his way over to the fridge, grabbing some orange juice and pouring me a glass, setting it in front of me.

“Where is it?” I hope it’s close to the train and not too far from my place. I’d hate for him to move somewhere that would be hard for me to get to if we’re going to keep seeing each other. And all signs point to a solid yes that we are.

“Don’t want to ruin the surprise. You’ll see soon enough.” He grabs a plate, puts some bacon on it, and places it in front of me. I grab a piece and take a bite.

“Is it closer to your work?”

“You could say that. I plan on retiring soon.”

“But you're only, like…” Shit, I don’t even know how old he is. Wow. How is that even possible? This man is imprinted into my skin, and I don’t know anything about it. He must read the look on my face.

“Thirty-five.” He places the cooked pancakes onto a plate and brings them over to where I’m sitting. He takes the seat next to me. He swirls the chair so I’m facing him.

“We have all the time in the world for us to get to know each other, and we will. One question at a time, but I think we know the important stuff. More than what we do for a living or in our spare time. We know we fit. All the other shit will come.”

He reaches for my ponytail and pulls out the elastic, letting my hair fall all around my face. “For instance, I love when you wear your hair down.” He grabs a lock of it and brings it to his nose like he’s smelling it, and maybe he is. “Makes me want to bury my face in it. I can’t tell you how much I loved sleeping with my face buried in it last night.”

“You say the sweetest stuff to me. I swear you’re too good to be true.” Something flashes across his face—it looks almost like guilt—but it’s gone so quickly I’m not even sure it was ever there.

“Told you. By the end of the weekend.”

“I might already be there,” I whisper, dropping my eyes to my hands in my lap.

He growls at my words, making my eyes pop back to his.

“Keep talking like that and I’m going to drag you back to bed.”

“I kind of like that idea.”

“Eat. Then we’re getting out of here for a few hours before I fuck you on every available surface in this place, making it impossible for you to walk for a few days.”

He swirls my chair so I’m facing my plate.

“Where are we going?”

“I thought we could go down to Navy Pier and spend the day there.”

“I’ve always wanted to do that!”

“I know. And I’ll always give you everything you want.”

Chapter 14


As soon as we walk in the door, I’m on her.

I grab Tessa by the waist and kick the front door closed with my boot before carrying her over to the couch. I don’t have patience to take her all the way back to the bed, so this will have to do. I set her on the couch and kneel in front of her, pulling at our clothes.

“I need to be inside you,” I say, quickly putting my lips back on her.

Her hands go to my shirt, and it’s clear both of us are beyond needing one another. As she pulls my shirt from my body, I tug her dress down, exposing her tits. Her hard nipples point at me for half a second before my mouth is on her.

Reaching between us, I unbuckle my belt and hurriedly take out my cock. I move my mouth to hers. I don’t break our kiss as I push up her dress and pull her panties to the side. I thrust deep inside her, hard and fast, as I swallow her moans.

She’s soaking wet as I easily slide in and out of her. Her ass is perched on the edge of the couch, a perfect height for me as I kneel in front of her. I grip her hips tightly, holding her in place, giving her every thick inch of me.

Breaking the kiss, I lean back a little to watch her tits bounce as I fuck her. “Pull your dress up, Tessa. I want you to watch.”

Her hands move down to where we are connected, pulling the material up and out of the way. Her eyes lock on where I’m penetrating her, my cock slick with her juices. It’s not like this morning when I was covered in her sweet virgin blood. It’s even better now because she can take me anytime I want without my having to break her barrier.

Her fingers slowly make their way to where we are joined, touching my cock as it slides in and out of her. Every time I pull out, her hand slides down to cup my balls. They’re sticky from her horny juices running down between us, and they make a smacking sound with every stroke.

She groans with desire as she watches us fuck. My cock is being squeezed tightly by her clenches. I need to cum insider her, now.

“Play with your clit, little fox. I want to see you get off. Your pussy’s milking my cum from me. Planting it deep inside you.”

Her delicate fingers start to rub her button as I hold her hips tightly, moving in and out of her.

All day she’s had me on edge. Her little playful giggles and touches drove me insane as I held her to me and secretly rubbed my palm across her ass. Sometimes I pulled her chest to mine so I could feel her big tits pressed against me, feel her soft body molding to mine as she sat in my lap as we looked out on the water. It was enough to have my cock painful with need all fucking day. And now I need relief. I never had a need for sex; I did not understand a lot of men’s drive for it but now I am getting it. I gave that shit up easy years and years ago. I didn’t want the hassle of it, but I could never give this up. Her up.