“Me being practically a forty-year-old virgin.”

“Hey. No more thinking you’re a freak. You’re perfect, Ree. And I’m not exactly such a…” He snapped his mouth shut.

“Not exactly such a what?”

“Never mind.” Gavin got up and ditched the condom. Then he took her in his arms again. “This is a clean slate for both of us. Nothing we did or didn’t do before matters.” His eyes glowed with pure male intent. “So if there’s a position you’re dying to try, or some fantasy you have, feel free to share and we’ll act it out in explicit detail.”

“This feels like a fantasy, lying in bed with you after we had awesome sex.” She fought a blush at confessing, “I’ve been thinking of quite a few things I’d like to try with you.” She brushed her mouth over the smooth section of flesh above his nipple. “And you promised me four times tonight, remember?”

“You said you wanted me to fuck you four times. I never agreed because I don’t promise what I can’t deliver.”

She loved it when the smooth businessman veneer slipped, revealing his raw masculinity. “I like it when you say crude sex things.”

Gavin flashed his teeth. “So noted.”

Rielle rolled and straddled his groin, sitting on top of him. She placed her hands by his head, leaning over him. “Know what else I like?”

“Please tell me it’s giving blowjobs.”

She threw her head back and laughed.

“You don’t do that enough.”

“What? Give blowjobs?”

“No, smartass. Laugh. I love to hear you laugh.” He dragged his finger from the tip of her chin down between her cleavage.

“I laugh more with you than anyone else.”

“Also good to know.” Gavin traced a circle around her nipple until it drew into a rigid point. “Now you were about to tell me something else you liked.”

“Kissing you. I get a little dizzy when you kiss me. I feel like a teenager saying that, but it’s true.”

He wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and kissed her. After he thoroughly ravished her mouth, he murmured, “Dizzy yet?”


“Me too. And hard. Grab a condom.”

Rielle tore the package open, taking time to enjoy his every hiss and moan as she touched him.

“Push back and lift up over me. I want to watch your pussy swallowing my cock.”

As soon as every inch of that hard shaft filled her, he reached for her. “Ride me hard. I want to see your tits bouncing. Oh yeah, just like that. Fuck me.”

Who knew she liked a bossy, dirty-mouthed man in bed?

Rielle’s internal alarm clock woke her up even on the weekends.

So…what to do, lying in the arms of a naked man, in the early morning hours?

Be bold like you were last night, putting his hand between your thighs in the car. Seduce him.

But what if he was one of those cranky morning guys? Grumbling about being woken up and thrashing away from her?

She’d be better off surprising him with breakfast. Rielle pressed her butt into his groin and arched her spine away from his chest, expecting he’d release her and turn over.

Gavin’s throaty, “Mmm,” rumbled in her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. “You going somewhere?”

“I can’t sleep. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Is it like five in the morning or something?”


He groaned. Then he pressed a hot kiss on the side of her neck. “So if I let you up, what are you going to do? Wash windows? Knit socks for every needy kid in Crook County? Bake muffins for the rest home?”


“Not ambitious enough for you?” he murmured against her throat.

“Funny. I’m not always working.”

“True. You’re always slaving.”

“Is that how you see me?”

“You are one of those busy worker bees in your hive. Mind focused on finishing one task so you can fly to the next one before your buzz wears off.”

Did he think she was incapable of kicking back? “That’s not all I am.”

“So prove it.” His mouth teased her ear. “Let’s play a game.”

“What game?”


She snickered. “Really, Gavin? Honeypot?”

“Yep. This morning you are the queen bee and I’m your drone, servicing your every need.”

“You do realize that immediately after a drone mates with the queen bee midair his penis is snapped off and he plummets to his death?”

Gavin went motionless. “You’re kidding me, right?”


“Jesus. That is just plain nasty.”

If Rielle hadn’t felt both his hands on her body she’d swear he was cupping his junk.

“Speaking of nasty…how about if I do naughty things and make you forget everything except my hands and mouth?”

Another shiver tightened her skin, but she managed a droll, “Well, you can try…but my to-do list is pretty extensive.”

“Oh, so you’ll be composing a to-do list while I’m doing this?” Gavin sank his teeth into her nape and pinched her nipples. “Or how about this?” Rielle gasped when he pulled her outer leg over his hip and stroked her slit.

His chest was hot against her back. His mouth was everywhere; on her neck, her shoulder, her ear. Then his fingers were inside her, stroking her. He murmured, “You’re wet. I like that you’re wet.”

Rielle arched into him. “You’re hard. I like that you’re hard.”

“Hold that thought.” Gavin eased his fingers out and she heard the crinkling of a condom wrapper. He hooked his arm behind her knee, lifting it for better access to her pussy. The head of his cock circled the mouth to her sex and he slowly pushed his shaft inside. “Okay?”

“Very okay.” In this position she felt a deeper penetration. She felt stuffed full.

“Good.” His tongue traced the shell of her ear. “I’m not feeling sweet and romantic right now, Ree.”

A shiver of want, of anticipation, rolled through her and he felt it.

“You like that.”


“You are a naughty little thing, aren’t you?” Gavin shifted his upper body and then his hand was tightly, almost painfully, gripping her short hair.

Rielle gasped softly. Wow. That was sexy hot, how he just held her head where he wanted it.

“Touch yourself. I don’t have enough hands.”

She blushed.

“Do it.” He sucked on the skin behind her ear. “I want to look down your body and see your fingers moving as I’m fucking you.”

She slid her right hand down her belly, following the rise of her mound to her clit. As soon as she started to stroke, so did he.

Sweetness became body-pounding passion as he thrust into her so hard the bed jiggled. His mouth found all her hot spots on her neck and shoulder and nape—he zeroed in on the one that caused her to moan and try to twist away but he held her in place.

The combination of his deep, hard thrusts and the constant pressure of her fingers on her clit sent her headlong into orgasm. A throbbing, pulsing, blinding surge of pleasure.

Gavin’s cock hammered into her and then he growled in her ear as his release followed on the heels of hers.

She hadn’t opened her eyes or leveled her breathing when he whispered, “So…how’s that to-do list coming?”

Rielle and Gavin made breakfast together—unlike other times they’d cooked together. He continually touched her. Nuzzled her. Kissed her. By the time the bacon was finished, his sweet eroticism had her so worked up she would’ve let him take her right on the counter. A shocking scene for Sierra to stumble upon on a Sunday morning.

Which was a pointed reminder she and Gavin needed to talk.

He rinsed the plates and refilled their coffee. “So what’s on your mind, Ree?”

Damn perceptive man. “I’m new at this morning-after stuff.”

“I know. You avoided me Friday and Saturday morning after our Thursday night.”

“You noticed that, huh?”

Gavin leaned forward, sliding his knee between hers and placing her left hand between his. “This conversation is about the start of something between us, not the end, right?”

“Right.” She sipped her coffee. “Let’s deal with the elephant in the room first thing. Sierra.”

“Part of me thinks that my sweet, but self-absorbed teen won’t notice the change in our relationship. The other part of me thinks she’s already sensed the shift in the last few weeks. Not that she’s said anything to me.”

“Her suspecting we’re involved and her seeing us groping each other on the couch…two different things.”

He nipped the tips of her fingers. “Will you let me grope you on the couch now?”

“Maybe. But my point is I’d prefer to keep this between us for a little while longer.”

“Why? You think it’ll burn out?”

Rielle set her hand on his cheek. “No.”

Gavin kissed the inside of her wrist. “I don’t want to hide what I feel for you. I want you in my bed some nights. But I don’t want you feeling like you have to tiptoe down the hallway so my daughter doesn’t see you sneaking out of my room.”

“Or see you creeping up the stairs from my bedroom at the crack of dawn,” she countered. “But that does bring up my other point, Gavin. I want to spend time with you, but not at the expense of the time you spend with Sierra. And I don’t want you suddenly inviting me to do family things. We both know she’d resent that and me. I won’t put you in that position, nor will I put myself in that position.”

“Without pissing you off, this is exactly why I’ve avoided relationships. Why does it have to be so complicated?”