Rielle gasped. “Gavin.”

He started up the steps, but kept his heated gaze on her face. “Might be over the top to carry you up the stairs to my bed. But I owe you a little romance for the way I fucked up our first time. So indulge me.”

Her beautiful green eyes softened and she brushed a kiss on his neck.

He opened the front door and cut down the hallway to the staircase. Sustaining a kiss was difficult as he scaled the stairs, so he filled his lungs with her honeysuckle scent. Tightening his hold on her until he had her in his bedroom.

She laughed when he kicked the door shut.

Gavin set her on her feet at the end of his bed. Then he indulged in a long, deep, slow kiss and by the time they broke apart, they were both breathing hard and he saw the pulse point in her neck pounding as rapidly as his heart.

“Stay right here for a second.” He locked the door, turned on the lamps for ambient lighting and rolled the comforter to the foot of the bed.

She watched as he took four condoms out of the package and set the strip on the nightstand.

Then he was standing in front of her again. Gavin couldn’t think of any pretty words as his fingers started with the top button of her blouse. Her gaze remained on his face but he didn’t look into her eyes until her shirt hung open. He kissed her and pushed the soft fabric off and it fluttered to the floor.

He was used to seeing her in a camisole or tank top, so the lacy bra that matched her sexy underwear was a bonus. His finger traced the plumped curve from the top of her bra down to the deep valley of her cleavage, and back up the other side. He planted a kiss on her right breast.

A shiver worked through her.

He murmured, “Take off your jeans, Rielle,” as he nuzzled the abundant flesh.

She peeled them away.

“Now your bra.”

Her face flushed and she tipped her head forward as her hands circled around to jerk on the clasp. Once the straps and cups loosened, he put his fingers under her chin and looked into her eyes.

“I got this part.”

Rielle smiled shyly.

Gavin hooked his fingers inside the bra cups and pulled. The straps slid down her arms and the bra dropped to the floor. Her breasts were full, round, with dark rose-colored nipples. Just for a second, he forgot to breathe. “God. You’re gorgeous.” Then his hands squeezed as he buried his face in all that perfect white flesh.

She arched into him, her hand at the back of his head.

He dragged his mouth from side to side, teasing her. Rubbing the rim of his lip across the tight peaks.

A soft moan drifted from her.

Gavin’s lips blazed a path up her throat to her mouth. He played with her breasts, squeezing and rubbing as he kissed her. She was so sweet and hot.

Rielle rolled her hips, grinding into his erection. She moved her lips to his ear. “You still have your clothes on. I wanna feel your skin against mine, Gavin.”

The former chubby guy part of him balked at the idea of getting naked with her, afraid she’d be judging him.

You shouldn’t have started this if you have no intention of finishing it.

Oh, he’d finish it all right—a spectacular fucking finish this time.

“I want that too.” His hands followed the contours of her breasts down to her hips. He squeezed once. “Hop up on the bed.”

“But.” Indecision warred on her face before she boldly reached for his belt buckle. “Don’t you want me to undress you?”

“Next time, okay?”

“Okay.” She backed up and sat on the end of the bed.

Gavin kicked off his loafers, pulled his sweater and T-shirt over his head. Unbuckled, unzipped, he tugged his jeans down and ditched his socks. Wearing only his boxers, he moved toward her.

Rielle’s eyes flicked over his body, zeroing in on his crotch. “Naked, means naked.” She gestured to his underwear. “And that’s not naked.”

“You’re still wearing underwear,” he pointed out, stalking her.

She crab crawled to the center of his bed. “I’ll take mine off, if you will. But you’ve gotta go first.”

Right then Gavin wished he was packing a solid ten inches. But he was also just damn glad he could get a hard-on without the help of Viagra. He slipped his fingers beneath the waistband and dropped his boxers.

She grinned.


“It’s just weird to think that’s been inside me and this is the first time I’ve actually seen it.”

Gavin hadn’t ever been the type to tease in the bedroom, so he wasn’t sure what possessed him to grin and fist his cock, stroking it slowly. “It’s more than ready to get reacquainted. Just as soon as you lose the panties.”

She stripped and threw them over the end of the bed.

He walked to the nightstand, tore off a package and ripped it open, watching her eyes as he rolled it on. Then he climbed onto the bed and pushed her thighs apart, making room for himself.

Rielle laid flat on the mattress, as if expecting him to mount her right now.

Why wouldn’t she think that? You’re wearing a condom.

Only so he didn’t have to fumble with the damn thing at the moment of truth.

Gavin kissed the blond hair at the top of her mound. Her belly button. Her sternum. Then those perfect breasts were in his face again. He sucked on her right nipple. Played with the rigid point with his teeth and tongue. Making her squirm. He switched to the other side, worshipping her breasts as they deserved.

Her nails were digging into the back of his neck and she lifted her pelvis, trying to connect with something solid.

He looked up, seeing her face flushed and her breathing ragged. “Ree?”

“Don’t stop. I’m about to…”

“Just from me sucking on your nipples?”

“Yes. They’ve always been sensitive. And what you’re doing…is really, really doing it for me, so don’t stop.”

He latched on with renewed vigor and she almost shot straight off the mattress. He pinched her other nipple hard, then palmed her pussy, while strongly suckling the taut peak.

Rielle cried out, “Yes!”

Gavin could feel the pulsing beneath his sucking lips and beneath his palm. He watched her face as she climaxed—she was something lost in pleasure. Softer somehow. He wanted her so bad his balls ached.

As soon as she relaxed, he aligned his cock and propped himself above her.

She opened her eyes and rose up to kiss him, her hands sliding down to grip his ass, letting him know she was in the moment.

He eased in slowly, kissing her softly until they were fully joined. Staying right there, her pussy hot and wet and tight around his shaft.

Then he moved on her, in her, keeping a steady rhythm that allowed him to sustain the kiss.

Rielle’s legs were splayed wide and her chest rose to meet his every rolling thrust. The cushion of her breasts rubbed against the thatch of hair on his chest.

Gradually he pushed into that channel a little harder. A little faster. His heart rate kicked up and sweat beaded on his brow.

Her lips slid free and she kissed his chin, the side of his neck, his Adam’s apple, the hollow of his throat. She clamped both hands on his butt.

Fuck. This was so good. And with her biting his neck like that and blowing in his ear, he was already riding that edge. So he slowed to a stop and pressed his lips into her hair.

Rielle tipped his head to meet her gaze. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. It’s perfect. Being with you, is amazing. I just want to take my time.”

“You don’t have to do that on my account, Gavin.” She whispered a kiss across his lips. “Move faster, harder, whatever you want. I’m right here with you.”

“You sure?”


Gavin ramped up the pace. Rising into a pushup position to drive into her tight cunt harder. Faster.

She clung to him, frantically kissing his neck, undulating and arching beneath him with every snap of his hips.

Then he had that short warning tingle down his spine. He switched to short, quick jabs.

He groaned when his balls pulled up. His head fell back as his dick spasmed; each hot pulse shook him with a full body shudder. His hands curled into the sheet and he groaned again, longer, louder as the climax reached the apex. White and black spots danced behind his eyelids and a dull roar filled his head.

Yeah, that made up for the quickie on the balcony.

He looked down at her.

No smile. A somber face.

“Ree? Honey, what is it?” Had he hurt her somehow?

She lifted up to kiss him fiercely.

Gavin nuzzled her ear. “You okay?”

She shook her head.

His stomach dropped.

Then she buried her face in his neck and he realized she was crying.

Chapter Seventeen

Embarrassed, Rielle tried to roll away from Gavin—wishing she could crawl under the bed—but he wouldn’t allow it. He tucked her against his body, acting as if it were perfectly natural for a woman basking in the glow of two outstanding orgasms to be teary-eyed.

He didn’t push her to talk; he just held her.

Once she regained control, she got brave enough to lift her head. “Thank you. That was the best sex I’ve ever had. Well, except for the other night out on the balcony.”


She could hear the smile in his voice. “Really.”

“So why the tears?”

“Because I feel like a freak.” She expected he’d force her to look at him after that statement, but he didn’t. “I’ve spent my life as a single mother, Gavin. I don’t have the sexual history most women do.”

“Why on earth would you think that’d be a problem for me?”

“Because it’s always been a problem for me,” she said softly.

Then he did tip her chin up to study her face.

“The tears caught me by surprise. I’m so not a crier. But being with you…I got this rush of happiness, followed immediately by fear.”

“We should’ve talked about this before. But the instant I put my hands on you, I lose any coherent train of thought.” Gavin’s fingers traced the line of her spine and he smoothed his palm over her buttocks. “See? I already forgot what we were talking about.”