As I walk in, I see she’s bent over, looking for some more sunscreen under the sink.

“I found it, Sean,” she says, still bent over, not turning around to look at me.

“I found it, too.” I don’t take my eyes off her ass as I approach her, stalking over to her silently and kneeling behind her

When my hands go to her hips, she jumps a little and then laughs.

“What are you doing back there?”

“Whatever I want, little fox.” I pull the strings on either side of her waist, letting the bikini bottom drop to the floor. “Spread your legs.”

I can hear the rough sound of my own voice. It’s thick with need, just like my cock. But my mouth is watering, and I need her on my tongue when I take her.

She does as I ask, stepping wider and letting me see all of her. Licking my lips, I look at her tight pink pussy already glistening for me. I reach up and spread her ass cheeks and look at her back hole, wanting all of her exposed to me.

I lean in and nibble on her fat ass cheeks, biting slightly as I move closer to where I want to be.

“Sean,” she moans, leaning over further and giving me everything I want. She’s all mine, and she knows it.

Dragging my tongue to her center, I lick her damp pussy lips, tasting her sugary sweetness. She’s warm and wet, with just a hint of salt from our swim in the ocean.

Moving up, I dip my tongue inside her pussy, feeling little clenches around the tip of my tongue. She wants me inside her, but I need more from her first.

I grip her ass cheeks tighter and bring my tongue to her little asshole, making her shiver. She tenses up a little, and I pull back, kissing her cheeks again. “You won’t deny me, will you, little fox?”

“No.” Her whisper is so quiet, I almost don’t hear it, but she gives in to me like I knew she would. The trust between us is strong, and she knows I would never do anything to hurt her. Even after everything we’ve been through, she would allow me to have her body any way I wanted. Because I always make sure whatever I’m doing will only give her pleasure.

I move back to her asshole and give it a few licks, tasting her sweetness there and helping her to relax. I press my finger against her tightest opening, applying a little pressure and letting her know what I want.

I kiss my way back down to her clit, licking her there and then finally sucking her into my mouth. Her loud moan echoes off the bathroom marble, and her tight ring relaxes, letting my finger penetrate her.

As I suck on her clit, I move my other hand to her pussy, rubbing two fingers in and out of her wet channel as the finger in her ass slowly starts to move at the same rhythm.

Tessa grips the counter and pushes back against me, seeking to meet my strokes. I can feel both her holes clenching, wanting more of me and loving the feeling.

After I take my mouth away from her pussy, she lets out a long whine. “Patience, little fox. I need to put my cum in you again. It’s been over an hour, and I can’t get you pregnant if you keep walking around and letting it slip out.”

Moving to stand up behind her, I pull my sticky hand free from her pussy, licking my fingers clean, and then use them to untie my swim trunks. Pressing the tip of my cock to her opening, I keep working the finger in her ass, wanting her to have as much pleasure as possible.

When I thrust inside her tight cunt, she clamps down on me, letting me feel every ripple of her need. My thick cock barely squeezes into her tightness, and I start to work it in and out of her.

“Oh, God. That feels so good. I think I’m going to cum.”

Her pulses get faster, and I let out a little laugh. “I’m usually the one who can’t hold on to my cum when we make love. Hang on, baby. I want to enjoy it for a bit.”

“I can’t.” Her breaths are coming quickly, and she’s pushing against my cock and finger. It’s as if she’s fucking me and trying to steal her orgasm.


My free hand comes down on her ass, leaving a little sting behind. It does nothing to stop her orgasm, the low moan from her throat letting me know she’s even closer to the edge.

I press another finger into her ass, and there’s a quick intake of breath. But her hesitation lasts only a second before she’s back to pushing against me, begging for release.

I’ll never deny her what she wants, so I adjust the angle of my hips and give her the pressure she needs to cum.

“Fuck!” she shouts, and it’s music to my ears. I know if she’s saying that word, then she’s too far beyond her boundaries of pleasure. She’s not thinking about what she’s saying; she’s just enjoying the feeling running through her body.

She clenches around my fingers and around my fat cock as her orgasm takes over and she peaks. Her screams of pleasure ring through the bathroom, and it all brings me to my own orgasm.

I thrust into her one last time, emptying myself into her tight cunt, hoping that she’s opening for me and letting my seed take root. She’ll be bred, and I don’t care how many times I have to do it.

After the last of my cum has been pulled from me by her clenching pussy, I pull out and move my slick cock to her back entrance.

I remove my fingers and press the head of my cock to her ass, pushing against her hole and seeking entrance.

“Just a few strokes, baby. I won’t waste cum in your ass, but I want to feel it. Let me in, little fox.”

I hear her gasp and push back against me. The head of my cock pokes through her tight ring, and the lube from our orgasms makes my entrance easy.