She walks over to a drawer and removes another set of keys. These are to help open the safety deposit boxes. Theoretically, if you’re an average everyday customer, you have your own personal key to your box, and the bank has another one to help you open it. So when you need to access your box, not only do you need your key, but you need theirs, too.

The reason my client can’t access this box is because he isn’t allowed back in the country, and the box is registered to a woman. He doesn’t trust this job to anyone but me, and I’d have a hard time passing as anything close to a female.

“Okay, here we are.” Tessa indicates around the room, showing me the boxes. “What size?”


Her cheeks flush again, and I can’t help my wicked grin.

She turns, giving me her back as she fiddles with the keys again. I step closer to her until we are only inches apart.

“How big?” she whispers, not looking up and not turning around.

“Very big,” I say, my breath against her gorgeous auburn locks. “I’m sure you have something that can hold me, though. Right?”

She nods her head just slightly, and I can hear the hitch in her breath.

“What do you have for me, Tessa?” I press against her, feeling her heat through my clothes. I want to grab her arms and grind my aching cock against her, but people could walk by and see. Her pleasure is for my eyes only, and I won’t have her wanton and willing in public. But I will let her know that I want her, and I’m not taking no for an answer. One way or another, she will be mine; she’ll know how much I want her.

“Umm.” She looks up at the boxes in front of her, the keys jingling in her shaking hand. “I…have several, um, spaces available.”

“I bet you do, beautiful girl. Have dinner with me.” She turns around suddenly, backing up against the boxes. I take a step forward, following her retreat, not wanting that space between us. This is the first time I’ve been this close to her, and I don’t want to break that contact so soon.

“I can’t.” She looks around, her golden eyes searching for an excuse, but I’m not having it. I know she’s shy and I’ll have to push a little.

“And why is that?” I’m within a half an inch of her body, looking down on her as she tries to think of a lie.

“We aren’t allowed to do that with customers.” She says it like it’s the lifeline she’s been seeking. But I can see a little disappointment in her eyes, too.

“Good thing I’m not a customer. Give me your number.” I pull out my phone and wait as she looks up at me with her liquid-gold eyes. They shoot through me and straight down to my cock. I’m having a hard time containing it, being this close to her, but I keep telling it to be patient.

After another minute of hesitation, she takes a breath and rattles off her number. I have it programmed already, but I make a show of entering it in anyway.

“So, dinner?” I lean in, close enough feel her breath against my mouth as her chest rises and falls rapidly. Being this close, I can see the freckles across her nose even better, despite her trying to hide them with make-up. I want to wipe it off her face so that I can see every single one of them.

“Tessa, we need you for a change order!” Harper shouts across the lobby, once again breaking our spell.

“Coming.” The word is breathy as it escapes her mouth, and I wonder how true that is.

“Not yet. But soon,” I whisper, and reluctantly move out of her way.

She walks on shaky legs, putting the box keys back in the drawer and unlocking the gate. I hold it open as I exit, and she follows me, closing and locking the gate behind her.

I can tell she’s frazzled by our encounter, and it makes me smile. I can only imagine what she’s going to be like after I fuck her for the first time.

“Thank you, Tessa.”

She blushes brightly again, looking down at her boots.

“You’re welcome, Sean.”

“I’ll talk to you soon.”

She nods and scurries away from me as if she’s running for her life. Maybe she should, but I won’t let her.

Walking out of the bank, I get behind the wheel of my Chevelle and send her a text. No need to play hard to get. I want her, and I want her now.

Me: So, where am I picking you up?

Chapter 6


I can’t believe that just happened. I can still feel the burn on my cheeks from the blush I sported the entire time I was talking to him. I’m sure it’s still there for everyone to see. My heart’s beating so loudly, I’m sure Harper can hear it.

“What was that?” she asks, her eyes on Sean’s back as he exits the bank. I can’t seem to pull my eyes away either.

“I…” I’m not sure what to tell her. It’s against the rules to date someone who banks with us, but he doesn’t. Not yet, anyways.

“Total player written all over him.” She says it like she’s disgusted. At least he doesn’t look like he might randomly stab someone like her new guy, Nick, and he also didn’t give me the creeps, that’s for sure. He gave me a feeling I’ve never felt before. Something I’ve only read about in books.


It rushed through my body like nothing I’d ever felt before. I could barely speak with all of the heat boiling up inside me.

But sadly, I had the same feelings about him being a player. He came on so strong, but still I relished in it. No one ever hits on me. They always go straight for Harper. He might be a player, but I still liked the attention, and I’m not sure what that says about me.