For several more minutes, he thrust gently into her mouth until she had to stretch to accommodate his burgeoning girth. Then finally he pulled free and she sucked in breaths to catch up, her nostrils flaring with the effort.

“It’s my turn to taste you,” he said, satisfaction edging his voice.

He crawled between her splayed-open thighs, her ankles bound to the bottoms of her thighs, rendering her completely helpless to whatever he chose to do. His hands slid over her br**sts, tenderly caressing and plumping them.

“Tell me if I hurt you,” he said gravely. “I know you’re more sensitive now. The last thing I want to do is cause you discomfort.”

“You won’t hurt me,” she whispered. “Just don’t be as rough with them as you can sometimes be.”

He cupped her belly possessively and then leaned down and kissed the spot where her womb would one day expand with their growing child. His tenderness brought tears to Chessy’s eyes and her heart seized with love for this man. No, things hadn’t always been easy for them, but what marriage was perfect?

Wasn’t that what love and marriage were all about? Enduring the rocky roads, making mistakes and ultimately forgiving?

He nuzzled his way to her pu**y, the flesh parted from the way she was bound. He licked and then sucked at her clit, causing her pelvis to clench and spasm underneath his expert mouth.

“I love seeing you this way,” he said, his voice laced with desire and emotion. “Bound, beautiful, completely at my mercy. But baby, I’ll have the tenderest of mercies with you.”

She shivered when his mouth returned to her pu**y, licking, sucking in all the right places. His tongue slid inward, licking shallowly inside her, giving her a preview of what it would feel like when his c**k replaced his tongue.

“Does my girl want my dick?”

“Yes, please,” she begged. “Take me, Tate. Own me. Show me I’m yours. Forever yours.”

He slid up her body, positioning himself at her opening but he only inserted the head of his penis inside her, thrusting with shallow little movements, tormenting her until she was sobbing with need.

Then with one forceful thrust, the teasing was over. He seated himself to the hilt, causing her to gasp at the instant fullness. It was a delicious balance of pleasure and pain because Tate was a large man and it wasn’t easy to gain full depth.

Her legs bound, her arms bound, there was nothing she could do except lie there and take whatever he did to her. He thrust into her, over and over, his hips arching, his entire body covering hers, undulating and writhing. His eyes were closed in exquisite torture, his forehead creased with tension.

His hips began slapping against her, frenzied as he pushed them closer and closer to the edge.

“Come for me, baby. Give me your release. Let me feel your wetness around my dick.”

She let out a frantic cry as her orgasm crashed over her like breaking ocean waves. Her fingers curled into tight fists, straining against her bonds. She felt completely stretched to capacity, the aching fullness a delicious pleasure. The friction he caused by his swollen c**k sent a surge of indescribable ecstasy cascading through her body.

And then he yanked himself from her pu**y and reached down, grasping his cock. He pumped his hand up and down, his se**n spurting onto her belly and then higher onto her br**sts, marking her, branding her his possession.

He glanced down at the ropes of se**n glistening on her skin, his eyes predatory and gleaming with satisfaction.

“My girl,” he said gruffly. He cupped her belly. “My child.”

She smiled up at him, exhausted by her orgasm. “We’re both yours, Tate. Always.”

“Let me get something to clean my girl up and then I’ll untie you so I can hold you in my arms.”


CHESSY was jittery and anxious for Tate’s big presentation today. True to his word, he’d been late the night before and had been exhausted when he’d gotten home. They’d gone to bed and he’d slept with her firmly nestled in his arms.

This morning he’d been awake early and had left the house at six, dressed in his most expensive suit. He’d looked positively delicious. It was all she could do to refrain from jumping his bones, but that would make him late and she knew how important today’s presentation was.

Not knowing how to pass the hours until Tate could tell her the results, she decided to do a thorough cleaning of the house since it had gone unattended in the time she’d been gone.

She dusted and got rid of all the clutter. Made up the bed and put a load of laundry to wash. Then she went to clean the kitchen floors, since that was her biggest annoyance.

Tate had wanted to hire a cleaning lady to come in twice a week because he hadn’t wanted Chessy to bear the workload of cleaning, but Chessy had refused. The idea of a stranger coming into her house gave her the shudders. She’d rather just do it herself so she’d know it was done right.

She dragged out the mop and then filled the sink with water and a cleaning agent. Then she started at the farthest point, mopping her way back toward the sink. When she was finished, she surveyed the sparkling floor with satisfaction.

She drained the water from the sink, wrung out the mop and then started toward the door leading onto the deck so she could put the mop out to dry.

She never even saw the still-wet patch of floor and as soon as her foot came down on it, she went flying, her feet coming out from underneath her. She landed with a painful thud that knocked the breath from her.