And then he began to f**k her mercilessly, riding her, plunging, thrusting. The slap of flesh against flesh filled her ears. Her body jerked, held in by the constriction of the bonds. The entire apparatus shook and swayed under the force of his possession.

“Does my girl want two dicks?”

Oh God. She was going to come before he ever got to that point.

Still, she uttered a desperate yes, knowing he’d do anything to please her.

He pulled himself from her aching body and in just a moment’s time she felt the pressure of a lubricated dildo forcing its way into her pu**y. He thrust gently with it, easing its path into her body. When he finally got it all the way in, he positioned his c**k at her anal opening once more and then plunged into her, taking her breath away.

The fullness of having the huge dildo stuffed into her pu**y and his enormous c**k in her ass was simply too much. She was so close to orgasm that she didn’t know if she’d be able to wait for his permission to come.

She bit into her lips and closed her eyes, summoning every ounce of discipline she owned.

Finally, finally he said the magic words.

“Come for me, Chessy. While I come all over your ass.”

With his next thrust she was coming violently, her entire body clenching. He yanked himself from her and his cum splattered over her ass and back. Then he pushed himself back into her ass, thrusting as the last of his release was wrung from him.

She was catapulted right over the edge, her world exploding around her. She must have lost consciousness for a moment because the next thing she knew, Tate was untying her and lifting her gently into his arms.

He carried her into the bathroom and turned on the shower, taking them both under the spray. He cleaned every inch of her body and then his. When he was finished, he pushed her to her knees.

“I’m still so goddamn hard,” he said in a gritty voice. “You make me want you just by breathing. Suck me off, Chessy. I want to come all over your mouth.”

Tilting her head back with one hand, he guided his c**k to her open mouth with the other. There was no teasing or holding back. It was obvious he wanted to get off as quickly as possible.

He thrust into her mouth over and over, his movements short and jerky as if he was still hypersensitive from his earlier orgasm.

But in just a few short minutes, he let out a groan and then se**n began jetting into her mouth, sliding over her lips and down her chin, disappearing into the swirling water of the shower.

He pumped his erection with his hand, squeezing the last of his release into her open mouth. Then he slid all the way to the back of her throat and rested there a moment.

His hands caressed her face, sliding into her hair and petting her. He finally withdrew just when she was at the point of needing air. He pulled her upward and gave them both another rinse before finally turning the shower off.

He stepped out first and hastily dried off. Then he pulled her from the shower and wrapped a towel around her, gently drying every inch of her skin. He toweled the moisture from her hair and then pressed a tender kiss to her forehead.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked in a husky voice.

She nodded, sagging into his arms.

“Good. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come.”


CHESSY dressed with extreme care, paying heed to the strict instructions Tate had given her. Several boxes had been delivered by courier earlier in the day and then Tate had called her from work and told her to be ready and waiting when he arrived home.

She pulled on the thigh-high stockings, luxuriating in the feel of the silk against her skin. Then she carefully unzipped the garment bag of a high-end, well-known designer and pulled out the strapless, beaded aquamarine sheath that shimmered and caught the light.

She eyed the dress dubiously because it looked small. And short. Like it would barely cover her ass. And Tate had been very explicit in his instructions not to wear underwear of any kind. The only things he wanted her to wear were the dress, the stockings, the shoes and the jewelry that had been delivered by the same courier service.

The collar, which she had not seen yet, would be placed somewhat ceremoniously around her neck by Tate right before they left for The House.

When she got to the shoes, her breath caught as she turned them experimentally in her hands, inspecting each angle of the beautiful stiletto heels. Between the dress, the jewelry and the shoes she felt like Cinderella going to an erotic ball. Somehow she didn’t imagine Prince Charming in the fairy tale tying Cinderella up and f**king her in the middle of the ballroom.

The thought made her laugh out loud and she shook her head at her silliness.

She slipped into the dress, wiggling in order to shimmy into it and pull it up over her full br**sts. Thank goodness for the small panel of elastic that formed a V between her shoulder blades because the dress fit her like a glove, and stretching slightly made her br**sts plump up and outward.

She eyed herself skeptically in the mirror as she began the task of taming her unruly hair since Tate wanted it down. But the more she stared at the woman looking back at her, the more satisfied she became with her appearance. She looked … beautiful. Sexy even. Would Tate find her so?

He had impeccable tastes as evidenced by the selections he’d chosen for her to wear tonight. The dress fit perfectly and if she had to guess, what she considered to be tight in the bust was actually the intentional fit of the dress, fashioned to enhance a woman’s cle**age. And the jewelry was to die for. She didn’t even want to know what it cost.