“You will never shame me,” he said gruffly. “There is nothing you could ever do that would bring me shame. It’s not possible.”

She smiled back at him, her eyes warm and full of . . . love? Dare he hope for that so soon? He pulled back from that thought, not wanting to set himself up for disappointment, no matter that he’d just told her he could never be disappointed in her. That was the one thing that could shatter him. Her not returning or being able to return his love.

“What time would you like to go? And what shall I wear?” she asked.

There was excitement and anticipation in her eyes. She was looking forward to their excursion. Already his mind was alive with the possibilities. He would be very exacting in his plans for her. He wanted this to be perfect.

“Something sexy,” he murmured. “A short cocktail dress that shows off your gorgeous legs. And heels. Definitely heels. I want to f**k you in them in front of everyone.”

Her eyes went cloudy with answering lust. She shivered delicately in his embrace as if the image appealed to her every bit as much as it did him. He hoped to hell it did.

“But it doesn’t really matter,” he added. “Because shortly after we arrive, I’ll have you na**d and bound.”

She sucked in her breath and he studied her closely, searching for any sign that she wouldn’t be up for what he had planned. But there was no resistance that he could see. Just intrigue and arousal.

“What time?” she whispered. “What time will I need to be ready?”

“We’ll have dinner out. Be ready when I get home. We’ll eat and take our time and arrive at The House around nine. Things don’t really kick off there until later in the evening. And I want the whole damn world to see what is mine. I want every man there eaten alive with jealousy over what is mine and will never be theirs. They can look but they damn well can’t touch.”

She smiled, pleasure shining in her eyes. “I like that you’re so possessive of me, Dash. It makes me feel . . . safe. And so very cherished.”

“I’m glad,” he said gruffly. “Because you are.”

Her eyes suddenly widened and panic flared in their depths.

“Oh my God, dinner! I completely forgot dinner, Dash. I got sidetracked when you came in. Damn it, I hope it’s not burned!”

As she spoke, she scrambled out of his lap, and laughing, he let her go, watching as she fled toward the kitchen.

He followed behind and his heart clenched when she turned from the open oven, her look utterly crestfallen.

“It’s ruined. I’m so sorry, Dash. I had planned a special dinner for us and timed it so when you got home we’d eat immediately.”

She looked so adorable that he could only cross the room and pull her into his arms, shutting the oven with one hand and reaching up to turn it off.

“Let it burn,” he murmured. “Get dressed and I’ll take you out to eat. I don’t give a damn what I eat as long as I get to be with you.”


JOSS was nervous, excited and extremely aroused, all rolled into a bundle of nerves. She knew, without arrogance, that she looked her best. She’d been very careful with her appearance, no matter that Dash had told her she’d be na**d in short order.

But she wanted to look good, not only for her own confidence, but for Dash. She wanted him to be proud of her. To be proud to have her at his side and on his arm when they walked into The House.

Dash helped her from his car and tucked her arm underneath his as they walked toward the entrance.

How different this trip was compared with her last, when she’d been terrified and so nervous her stomach had been one gigantic ball of nausea. At least this time she didn’t have to go through the motions of the social rooms downstairs where people gathered to hook up for the night. No worry over picking the wrong man or someone who would hurt her.

Dash was with her, his possession evident in his every expression and movement. There would be no choosing another man tonight. Her choice was made. Dash and only Dash would take her through the paces of whatever he planned.

Not knowing exactly what it was he planned for her added an element of intrigue and only heightened her arousal. Her ni**les were taut and aching. Her pu**y was clenched tight and she knew she was wet already.

Dash escorted her through the social rooms where he got her a glass of wine. But she knew that the biggest reason he made an appearance here was because he wanted to show her off and that gave her ego a huge, much-needed boost.

He was proud of her. It was evident in his gaze. It never left her, scorching a path over her skin every time it raked over her. He barely left her side even to get the wine. He was always within touching distance, his hand on her, his arm wrapped around her.

But when Craig, the man Joss had been with that first night, entered the room, his gaze sweeping over the women with a predatory gleam, Dash immediately stiffened and drew Joss farther into his side.

His hold on her screamed possessiveness and he met Craig’s mocking gaze with a frigid look of his own.

“Corbin,” Craig said curtly, nodding in Dash’s direction. Then his gaze swept appreciatively over Joss. “You’re looking beautiful, Mrs. Breckenridge.”

Dash stiffened at the manner of address, and Joss’s hand went to his arm, squeezing lightly.

“Thank you,” Joss said politely. “Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be moving on.”

But Dash didn’t immediately move away. He pushed into Craig’s space so they were nose to nose. Well, almost nose to nose since Dash had a good three inches in height over Craig.

“I don’t want to see you in the common room,” Dash bit out. “I’ll throw you out myself. You don’t so much as look at Joss. Got me?”

Craig chuckled. “You don’t control my comings and goings, Corbin. I have a right to be here, same as you. So go f**k yourself. I’ll look all I like.”

“You don’t come up those stairs,” Dash said menacingly. “I will take you apart and I don’t give a shit if I get barred from the premises from now on. It would be worth it to take you down a few notches. Try me. I dare you.”

Craig paled and backed down, fear evident in his eyes. Dash had been coldly serious. Joss absolutely believed that he’d rearrange Craig’s face and it was evident that Craig held that same belief.

Without a word, Craig backed away and turned to leave the room, casting a disgusted look in Dash’s direction.

Dash curled his arm around Joss and guided her out of the room and toward the stairs.

“Come on, honey. I won’t let him ruin our night.”

“He wouldn’t have ruined it anyway,” she said gently. “I don’t care if he was here. I’m here with you, Dash. Only you. It doesn’t matter to me who sees me because I belong to you.”

He paused at the bottom of the stairs and pulled her into a breathtaking kiss.

“Thanks for that, honey. I just don’t like the guy and I like it less that he’s had his hands on you once. That he touched what I consider mine and have considered mine since before we ever got together.”

She smiled and wiped the lipstick off his lips. “You’ve messed up my makeup.”

He growled, the sound rumbling from his throat. “It’s going to get a lot more messed up before I’m finished. Your hair’s beautiful, sweetheart, but I’m afraid that delicate updo is just going to end up destroyed.”

She shivered and smiled in delight. “I can’t wait.”

“Then let’s get to it,” he murmured, pushing her up the stairs.

When they entered the common room it was alive with activity. There was recognition on Dash’s face as his gaze swept the occupants. Damon Roche saw them in the doorway and headed in their direction, a welcoming smile on his face.

A gorgeous dark-haired woman was glued to his side and she guessed that this must be his wife, Serena.

For a woman who’d had a baby not so long ago, her figure was perfect, showing no signs of pregnancy.

“Dash, Joss, it’s good to see you both,” Damon said warmly.

It seemed the height of awkwardness to be exchanging pleasantries while everyone around them was indulging in hedonistic pleasures. Naked, moaning, f**king, sucking. The smack of a flogger against flesh. Cries and moans of pain and pleasure. The scent of sex and arousal was thick in the air. It brought a prickle of chill bumps to Joss’s skin.

How could she casually undress in front of these people?

As if sensing her unease, Dash’s arm tightened around her as they conversed with Damon and Serena.

A moment later, two men on either side of a striking Asian woman walked up to where she and Dash stood with Serena and Damon.

Dash’s face lit up in recognition and genuine pleasure.

“Lucas, Cole, Ren,” he acknowledged. “It’s damn good to see the three of you. It’s been a while.”

The men extended their hands to Dash, and Dash leaned in to kiss Ren on either cheek. It quickly became obvious to Joss that Ren was with both men. Her mind came alive with curiosity, imagining what it would be like to have two such strong, dominant men at the same time. Was it permanent or were they just seeking a night of pleasure in a haven that catered to every sexual whim?

“We’ve been in Vegas quite a bit over the last few months,” Lucas said. “Introduce us to your lady friend, Dash. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her here before.”

Dash pulled her forward, squeezing her hand.

“Honey, this is Lucas Holt, Cole Madison and Ren Holt-Madison. Guys, this is Joss. She is mine.”

The simple introduction sent warmth all the way to her toes. His matter-of-fact way of saying she was his. He was saying publicly that she belonged to him. That he was her Dominant and she his submissive. If she thought she would ever be embarrassed to be introduced this way, she now knew she was wrong.

She loved it.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Joss,” Cole said gently, brushing a kiss over her hand.

Lucas took her hand next, his dark gaze penetrating her until she felt bare. There was something about both men that made her feel . . . vulnerable. She glanced at Ren, who looked extremely content to be between them, and wondered at the strength the smaller woman must possess to be able to take on both of these obviously dominant men.

Cole pulled Ren closer into his side while Lucas kept hold of her hand, their fingers laced tightly together. They obviously had no reservations whatsoever about the world knowing of their unusual relationship. Dash had introduced Ren using both of the men’s last names. Was she married to both? Bound to them both?

The situation intrigued and fascinated her. She’d have to remember to ask Dash about them later.

“We’ll let you get to tonight’s entertainment,” Damon said politely as he gathered his wife to his side. “Is there anything you need? You’ve only to ask one of my men and they’ll get whatever it is you require.”

“Is the bench unoccupied?” Dash asked, a gleam entering his eye.

Both Serena and Ren glanced at Joss, and she could swear envy entered their gazes. Whatever the bench was, it must be pleasurable because both women looked as though they wanted to be in Joss’s position.

“It is. I’ll have it reserved for you for the night if you like,” Damon said graciously.

“I appreciate that. I’ll need restraints and a flogger.”

Damon nodded and then Dash said their farewells, Joss echoing them as well as expressing her happiness over having met them. Dash led her away from the group of people and farther into the room.

“They’re your friends?” Joss asked.

Dash nodded. “I met them here.”

“Cole, Ren and Lucas. They’re together? The three of them?”

Dash smiled. “Yes. A not so unusual situation for here. Though theirs is a permanent arrangement and not confined to nights of fun at The House. She belongs to them both, and they both adore the ground she walks on.”

“She’s lucky,” Joss said wistfully.

Dash’s eyes narrowed. “Is that your fantasy, Joss? To have two men making love to you? Cherishing you?”

She shook her head quickly. “One is quite enough for me,” she said with a laugh. “All I need is you, Dash. You’re all I can handle!”

He looked smug. “Glad to hear it, honey, because I have no intention of sharing you with any other man, at least not on a permanent basis.”

“I think that’s obvious after the way you threatened Craig,” she said dryly.

He guided her toward a padded bench that looked like a huge saddle. It was curved in the middle and had V legs extending out from the bottom. In front there were two posts and she wondered what they could possibly be used for.

“I’m going to undress you, Joss. Here and now in front of everyone. I don’t want you to focus on anyone but me. Only me. Forget about everyone else. There is only me and you in this room and what we do together.”

She nodded, swallowing back her nervousness.

He was slow and reverent as he gently divested her of her clothing. Each piece was carefully stripped away. He took his time as if savoring the process. Exposing her skin inch by inch.

When she was na**d, he stood to his full height, inhaling deeply as he stared over her nude body.

She felt . . . beautiful. Worthy. And proud.

Dash was a gorgeous, alpha dominant male and he wanted her.

Never had she felt so feminine and powerful. Yes, Dash held all the power. He had control over her. And yet she felt powerful in her own right. As though she held his pleasure and satisfaction in the palm of her hand.

“I want you to bend over the bench, belly down on the padding. Make sure you’re comfortable and tell me if you’re not. Extend your arms outward toward the posts. I’m going to secure your hands to those posts and then I’m going to tie your ankles to the legs so you’re incapable of movement.”